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Wedding is a very important event in your life, hire a experience DJ that will be able to play music for all your guests, while taking requests and listening to your instructions you have supplied the DJ.

Mike's DJ Service has that experience and is very serious about your special day, we have the music selections to satisfy all ages

We have lots of equipment so we can bring the exact equipment needed for your reception hall or tent from a small venue to a large venue we have the equipment to adjust to your needs.


Mike's DJ Service can even supply projector and screen for you to show pics at your wedding reception.

We can even supply audio wire to hook up to your computer presentation to let your music play thru our sound system. 

Mike's DJ Service offer Karaoke & Video Music as part of their service 

Fun Package is perfect to have at your wedding when you want to keep your guests busy while you are taking pictures. 

This package include Bean Bag Toss Game , Washer Toss Game, Golf Putting Station. The cost of this Fun Package is extra $150.00

We also offer up lighting package 12 units 16 units  20 units $10 per light


If you book with Mike's DJ Service for your wedding reception (even your ceremony), you can follow this wedding format with all the questions about music you will need to supply us for your special day.

Wedding Ceremony 

Usually music will start about 30 minutes before the ceremony.

10 Songs will be played before the ceremony , you can pick them or we will choose them ourself


You will need to pick 4 songs Artirst - Name Of Song

1 Bride Maids / Maid Of Honor's entrance song:

2 Bride's Song Processional 

3 Signing The Paper 

4 Bride & Groom Recessional song

Some people will want music for when the groom and groomsmen enter the room or music for the sands ceremony , tree ceremony . We can supply music for these situation too 

Wedding Form 

Date DD/MM/YR :

Bride Name :

Groom Name:

Location Hall or Tent Address: 

Hours Start Time:

            Finish Time:

Master Of Ceremony Name:

Best Man Name :

Maid Of Honor Name:

Favorite Songs:

Artist - Song  ex: Elton John - Daniel

Bride Song:

Groom Song:

Maid Of Honor Song:

Best Man Song:

Bride's Mom Song:

Bride Dad Song:

Groom's Mom Song:

Groom's Dad Song:

Grand Entrance Song:

Bride & Groom First Waltz:

Bride & Father Song:

Groom & Mother Song:

Wedding Party Song (First Fast Song):

Cutting Cake Song:


Bouquet Toss Song:

Garter Song:

Bride other songs:

Groom other songs:

Guest Favorite Songs:

Last Song of the night:

If you have songs or artists you do not want us to play, please let us know the name of the songs or the name of the artists:

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