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Newfoundland Music

Newfie Stomp

A Crowd Of Bold Sharemen - When We Was Boys

A Frank Willis - Take Me As I Am 

Anchors Aweigh - All For Me Gang​

Anchors Aweigh - When Father Papred The Parlour 

Arthur O'Brien - Mary Ellen Carter 

Arthur O'Brien - Sarah 

Atlantic Union - Three Score And Ten 

Barron & Panting - My Great Uncle Heb

Bob MacDonald - Pat Murphy's Meadow

Bob MacDonald - Rocks Of Merasheen 

Bob MacDonald - Star Of Logy Bay 

Bobby Evans - Jig One On The Sly 

Bobby Evans - Long Long Before Your Time 

Bristol's Hope - Rubber Boots 

Bristol's Hope - The Cliffs Of Baccalieu 

Buddy Wasisname & The Other Fellers - Baccy Song

Buddy Wasisname & The Other Fellers - By The Glow Of The Kerosene Light

Buddy Wasisname & The Other Fellers - Chainsaw Earle 

Buddy Wasisname & The Other Fellers - Dear Mr Ford 

Buddy Wasisname & The Other Fellers - Gotta Get Me Moose, B'y 

Buddy Wasisname & The Other Fellers - Is You 'Appy

Buddy Wasisname & The Other Fellers - Little Ditty 

Buddy Wasisname & The Other Fellers - Make N Break Hornpipe

Buddy Wasisname & The Other Fellers - Old Time Religion

Buddy Wasisname & The Other Fellers - Put A Bit Of Powder On A Doo

Buddy Wasisname & The Other Fellers - Salt Beef Junkie  

Buddy Wasisname & The Other Fellers - Saltwater Joys (Slow Waltz)

Buddy Wasisname & The Other Fellers - Sarah 

Buddy Wasisname & The Other Fellers - Shinny On The Ice 

Buddy Wasisname & The Other Fellers - The Pits 

Bugs Greene - Bug's Guitar Medley 

Bugs Greene - Charlie's Reel

Bugs Greene - Chuck's Jig 

Bugs Greene - Clyde's Jig 

Bugs Greene - Cod Liver Oil 

Bugs Greene - Don't Sell Daddy Anymore Whiskey 

Bugs Greene - Dueling Guitars 

Bugs Greene - Ending 

Bugs Greene - Grand Falls Reel

Bugs Greene - Granny's Waltzes

Bugs Greene - I Can Hear Mama Calling

Bugs Greene - I Used To Be A Fisherman 

Bugs Greene - I'se The Bye

Bugs Greene - Intro 

Bugs Greene - Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor 

Bugs Greene - Jumpin' Down The Way 

Bugs Greene - King's Island 

Bugs Greene - Kiss Me Charlie 

Bugs Greene - Mandolin Jig

Bugs Greene - Mickey Religan's Pup 

Bugs Greene - Momma Don't Allow 

Bugs Greene - My Harbour Island Home 

Bugs Greene - My Island 

Bugs Greene - New Brunswick Winter 

Bugs Greene - Newfoundland Saturday Night 

Bugs Greene - Northern Lights Of Labrador

Bugs Greene - Placentia Bay Jigs 

Bugs Greene - Port Royal Legend 

Bugs Greene - Shane's Jig

Bugs Greene - Singin' The Blues 

Bugs Greene - St John's Waltz 

Bugs Greene - Storms Never Last 

Bugs Greene - Tell My Ma

Bugs Greene - The Irish Washer Woman 

Bugs Greene - The Town Of Bailey Bay 

Bugs Greene - Tiny Red Light 

Bugs Greene - Walker Street Reel 

Bugs Greene - Y'al Come

Celtic Connection - Greenland Whale Fishery

Chris Andrews - By The Hush

Chris Andrews - Harbour LeCou 

Chris Andrews - The Star Of Logy Bay (Slow waltz)

Chris Andrews - Those Were The Days 

Chris Andrews & Mark Hiscock - I'se Da Bye

Chris Andrews & Mark Hiscock - Newfoundland  

Chris Andrews & Tom Nemec, Mark Hiscock - We'll Rant & We'll Roar

Chris Hennessy - The Bold Thady Quill (Slow waltz)

Chris Hennessy - The Streets Of London 

Chris Hennessy - Three Drunken Maidens 

Cobbler - Kilkenny Krew 

D'Arcy Broderick - Black Gold 

D'Arcy Broderick - New Mown Hay 

Dave & Aubrey - Bartender's Sweetheart 

Debbie Jordan - Tiny Red Light 

Denielle Hann - No Longer My Kind 

Dermot O'Reilly - West Country Lady 

Dick Nolan - Aunt Martha's Sheep 

Dungarvan - Patty Ryan 

Eddie Eastman - Sonny's Dream 

Eiriksson's Saga - We'll Rant And We'll Roar 

Erin's Call - Widow's Walk 

Fine Crowd - Blarney Roses 

Fine Crowd - Cod Liver Oil 

Fine Crowd - The Islander 

Fine Crowd - Theresa Maria 

Fogo Island Accordian Group - My Sweet Forget  Me Not

Gerard Hamilton - Poppy I Love You 

Great Big Sea - A Boat Like Gideon Brown 

Great Big Sea - Bad As I Am 

Great Big Sea - Barque In The Harbour

Great Big Sea - Beat The Drum 

Great Big Sea - Billy Peddle 

Great Big Sea - Boston And St John's    

Great Big Sea - Buying Time 

Great Big Sea - Can't Stop Falling 

Great Big Sea - Captain Kidd 

Great Big Sea - Captain Wedderburn 

Great Big Sea - Chafe's Ceilidh

Great Big Sea - Clearest Indication 

Great Big Sea - Cod Liver Oil 

Great Big Sea - Come And I Will Sing You 

Great Big Sea - Concerning Charlie Horse 

Great Big Sea - Consequence Free 

Great Big Sea - Dancing With Mrs White 

Great Big Sea - Demasduit Dream 

Great Big Sea - Donkey Riding 

Great Big Sea - End Of The World 

Great Big Sea - Fast As I Can 

Great Big Sea - Feel It Turn 

Great Big Sea - Ferryland Sealer 

Great Big Sea - Fortune 

Great Big Sea - French Perfume 

Great Big Sea - French Shore 

Great Big Sea - General Taylor 

Great Big Sea - Goin` Up

Great Big Sea - Gracefull & Charming

Great Big Sea - Greenspond

Great Big Sea - Harbour Lecou

Great Big Sea - Haven`t Seen You In A Long Time

Great Big Sea - Helmethead

Great Big Sea - How Did We Get From Saying I Love You

Great Big Sea - I`m A Rover

Great Big Sea - Jack Hinks

Great Big Sea - Jakey`s Gin

Great Big Sea - John Barbour

Great Big Sea - Jolly Roving Tar

Great Big Sea - Let It Go 

Great Big Sea - Love 

Great Big Sea - Lucky Me 

Great Big Sea - Lukey 

Great Big Sea - Margarita

Great Big Sea - Mari Mac 

Great Big Sea - My Apology 

Great Big Sea - Nothing Out Of Nothing 

Great Big Sea - Old Brown`s Daughter 

Great Big Sea - Old Polina 

Great Big Sea - Ordinary Day 

Great Big Sea - Own True Way 

Great Big Sea - Penelope 

Great Big Sea - Rant & Roar 

Great Big Sea - Recruiting Sargeant 

Great Big Sea - Run Runaway 

Great Big Sea - Sally Ann 

Great Big Sea - Scolding Wife 

Great Big Sea - Sea Of No Cares 

Great Big Sea - Seagulls 

Great Big Sea - Shines Right Through Me 

Great Big Sea - Somedays

Great Big Sea - Something Beautiful

Great Big Sea - Something I Should Know

Great Big Sea - Something To It

Great Big Sea - Stumbling Wife

Great Big Sea - Summer

Great Big Sea - The Chemical Worker`s Song

Great Big Sea - The Jolly Butcher   

Great Big Sea - The Mermaid 

Great Big Sea - The Night Pat Murphy Died 

Great Big Sea - The Old Black Rum 

Great Big Sea - The River Driver 

Great Big Sea - Tickle Cove Pond 

Great Big Sea - Tishialuk Girls Set Father`s Jig Buffett Double 

Great Big Sea - Trois Navires De Ble 

Great Big Sea - Wave Over Wave

Great Big Sea - When I Am King 

Great Big Sea - When I`m Up 

Great Big Sea - Widow In The Window 

Great Big Sea - Yarmouth Town 

Harry Martin - A Land Called Labrador 

Jackie Sullivan - Raglan Road 

Jackie Sullivan - Saltwater Joys

Jim Payne, Janis Spence & Fergus O`Bryrne - Wave Over Wave 

John Phillips - Another George Street Night

John Phillips - Avondale Road 

John White - Signal Hill 

Joy Norman - Cape Shore Lady 

Joy Norman - Field Of Diamonds 

Kenny Butler - Breathe The Air 

Kenny Butler - To Have And Hold 

Kenny Butler & Carl Peters - Whiskey In The Jar 

Kevin Collins - From An Island To An Island 

Kevin Collins - God Bless You My Darling Wife 

Kevin Collins - Rose Of Newfoundland 

Kevin Collins - Will They Lie There Evermore 

Kevin Hiscock - The Town I Loved So Well 

Kilkenny Krew - Big Strong Man 

Kilkenny Krew - Drunken Sailor 

Larry Foley - Fiddler`s Green 

Larry Foley - Somebody`s Waiting For Me 

Larry Foley - The St John`s Waltz 

LeAnne Chaulk - Irish Wedding Song 

Mark Hiscock - Between Two Trees 

Mark Hiscock - Fishin` In A Dory

Mark Hiscock - Green Grow The Laurels

Mark Hiscock - Mrs Murphy`s Chowder

Mark Hiscock - The Music Takes Me Back 

Mark Hiscock - The Night Paddy Murphy Died 

Mark Hiscock, Patrick Moran, Mike Kinsella - Peter Street 

Muldow - Muirshen Durkin 

Murphy`s Law - Excursion Around The Bay

Murphy`s Law - The Wreck Off Point Amour

Napper Tandy - A Place In The Choir 

Napper Tandy - Leave Her Johnny, Leave Her

Neal O'Leary - Have You Ever Fell In Love 

Neal O'Leary - One Road 

Neal O'Leary - While I Was Gone 

Ocean Skye - Days Gone By 

Patrick Moran - Twenty One Years 

Patrick Moran & Chris Andrews - Lukey's Boat 

Patrick Moran & Chris Andrews - Tread On The Tail Of Me Coat

Peter Francis Quinlan - Ladies Dart League Fight 

Phyllis Morrissey - Let Me Fish Off Cape St Mary's 

Rasa - The Northern Lights Of Labrador 

Ray Lake - The Boys Are Comin' In 

Ray Lake - Waltzing With Rita 

Rod Jackson - Bubbles In The Glass 

Roger Payne - The Visiter 

Roy Payne - The Little Boats Of Newfoundland

Sandy Morris - On The Beach Land Of Labrador  

Sandy Sullivan & Rob Slaney - Tickle Cove Pond

Shanneyganock - 45 Years

Shanneyganock - A Daisy A Day 

Shanneyganock - Ain't It A Beauty 

Shanneyganock - Aunt Martha's Sheep 

Shanneyganock - Courtin'  In The Kitchen 

Shanneyganock - Dublin O'Shea

Shanneyganock - From The South Side Looking In 

Shanneyganock - Go Move Shift Moving On Song 

Shanneyganock - Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway 

Shanneyganock - I'm Going To Set You Free 

Shanneyganock - In A Town This Size 

Shanneyganock - Jack Dolan 

Shanneyganock - One Road 

Shanneyganock - Our Town 

Shanneyganock - Peggy Gordon 

Shanneyganock - St John's Girls

Shanneyganock - Storms Centennial Highway Reel

Shanneyganock - The Budgell's Jigs 

Shanneyganock - The Islander 

Shanneyganock - The Lark In The Morning 

Shanneyganock - The Long Haul 

Shanneyganock - The River 

Shanneyganock - Twice Daily 

Shanneyganock - Whiskey In The Jar 

Shawn Lidster - Newfoundland Summer's Day 

Shawn Lidster - The Sealer's Song 

Simani - Bay Boy's Jig 

Simani - Emile's Jig 

Simani - Garden Of Eden 

Simani - Keep Our Spirit Alive 

Simani - Love Me Now 

Simani - Music & Friends 

Simani - Out Of My Sight 

Simani - Some Thing I Cherish 

Simani - The Loveliest Day In June 

Simani - Watch The Flowers Grow 

Simani - Whose Heart Is It 

Singers For Fisherman - Isle Of Newfoundland 

Skye Sweetnam - Human 

Sons Of Erin - It's Good To See You 

Spirit Of Newfoundland - St John's Waltz 

Terry Penney - Accident 

Terry Penney - Hard Hard Times 

Terry Penney - Midnight And The Moon 

Terry Penney - Sailor 

The 8 Track Favourites - Ashes If Love 

The Billy Diamond Band - Matty Groves 

The Celtic Connection - Badger Drive 

The Celtic Connection - Brown Eyed Girl 

The Celtic Connection - Haul Her Along 

The Celtic Connection - Molly Bawn 

The Celtic Connection - Roddy McCorley 

The Celtic Connection - South Australia

The Celtic Connection - The Shores Of Newfoundland 

The Celtic Connection - Tim Finnegan's Wake 

The Celtic Connection - Tyree Love Song 

The Clancey's - Dirty Old Town 

The Clancey's - Nancy Whiskey 

The Cobblestones - Feet Of A Dancer 

The Cobblestones - Up She Goes 

The Cormiers - Moving Away 

The Ennis Sisters - Lord Of The Dance 

The Fables - An Irish Jig 

The Fables - As I Roved Out 

The Fables - Back Down By The Shore 

The Fables - Big Bow Wow 

The Fables - Bonnie Kate Medley

The Fables - Burried In The Sand 

The Fables - Buy Us A Drink 

The Fables - Cock Of The North  Morrison's Jig Drowsy Maggie 

The Fables - Dance Dance Dance 

The Fables - Dancin' Round The Kitchen 

The Fables - Down East Day 

The Fables - Feller From Fortune

The Fables - Fish Out Of Water 

The Fables - Frog In The Well 

The Fables - Heave Away 

The Fables - Joe Fitzpatrick's Reel 

The Fables - Jolly Rovin' Tar 

The Fables - Lazy Tom 

The Fables - Lilly 

The Fables - Mauzy Monday 

The Fables - Miss Monahan's 

The Fables - O'Brien 

The Fables - Peter Street 

The Fables - Ramblin' Rover 

The Fables - Sam Hall 

The Fables - Spanish Eyes 

The Fables - Spanish Lady 

The Fables - St John's 

The Fables - Sure It's All The Same 

The Fables - Tear The House Down

The Fables - The Baby Sleeps

The Fables - The Fable The Queen And Taxes

The Fables - The Memory Is Gone 

The Fables - The Old Woman From Wexford Mulvhills The Dawn 

The Fables - The Rocky Road To Dublin 

The Fables - The Rose In The Heather 

The Fables - There 

The Fables - The Ryans And The Pittmans We'll Rant And We'll Roar

The Fables - The Village Belle 

The Fables - Who Stole The Miner's Hat Medley 

The Fourty Toutons - My Blue Eyed Jane 

The Government Rams - I Had A Hat 

The Government Rams - Salonika 

The Government Rams - Thank God We're Surround By Water 

The Irish Descendants - Dirty Old Town 

The Irish Descendants - Rattlin' Roses 

The Masterless Men - I Wish I Had Someone 

The Masterless Men - The Mingulay Boat Song 

The Mercers - Saltwater Joys

The Navigators - Dance And Sing 

The Navigators - The Islander 

The Punters - Banks of Newfoundland

The Punters - Brown Eyed Handsome Man 

The Punters - From Clare To Here 

The Punters - Galway Girl 

The Punters - Heave Away 

The Punters - I Had But 50 Cents 

The Punters - Jim Harris 

The Sharecroppers - One Room School 

Tickle Harbour - The Warlike Lads Of Russia 

Tom Nemec - Squid Jiggin' Ground 

Wince Coles - Poppy

Wince Coles - Up At The Cabin 

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